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January 2007

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My "Plan"

My plan is quite simple.

It might be a little too simple for some of you, but it worked so well for me in the past.

I know that 3500 cals equals a pound. I also know that starvation mode for your body is achieved at 900 or less cals a day.

I try to keep it under 900 cals a day...by doing this, the foods are low-fat because they are low-calorie. I try to workout to burn more calories so I am more in the negative calorie range for the day...because I know (using diet software like fitday you buy or dietpower) how many baseline cals I burn in a day. Staying under 900 keeps me in the negative already, working out puts me closer to that 3500 mark sooner to lose another pound.

I do not fast, because my kids are in the car with me at times. Also, my job needs me to be alert. In the past I did have days where I didn't eat, so I won't say it won't happen from time to time later. Just not a planned fast.

I can't workout this morning, because my asthma is killing me, and I don't want to make that literally lol. So, I'm reading pro-ana journals, and finding more bookmarks to add to my Yahoo bookmarks toolbar.

I'm 4'11, my weight this morning is 141.6. I've got some way to go.

Time to start making some breakfast for the kids before they wake up, and head off to work.

My work week is Thursday through Monday (I'm off Tue and Wed instead of the weekend), so the next five days should be easy cheesy


Thanks for sharing.
It sounds like a good plan.
I recently created a profile on fitday,
and I love it. Good luck to you.