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January 2007

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A Whole Lot Of Firsts Going On

A Whole Lot Of Firsts going on!
So, how did everyone start off 2007?

My resolutions were simple. 30lbs by May.

Today I kept with my plan of under 900 cals

881 actually.

I did my Yourself!Fitness game on Cardio setting for 56 minutes.

Burned 591 cals.

Soon I hope to be asleep.

I'm really optimistic about 2007. If I do the 30 pounds by May, wait, WHEN I do the 30lbs by May, I'll be 2lbs above my low-weight. This time, however, I won't have to stop. You see, I had to stop then. I became pregnant. Now, though, my tubes are tied. I only have one fear of having to stop, and that's because I'm married now. I believe he can force me into recovery. Well, treatment.

A little note, if you're not on YouTube looking up pro-ana, you're missing out!

I got Sims 2 today. Killed 3 hours on it. I recommend it if you have serious OCD like I do!

Anyway, how did you all do this first day of the week/month/and year? It's a new beginning :)



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