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January 2007

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A Whole Lot Of Firsts Going On

A Whole Lot Of Firsts going on!
So, how did everyone start off 2007?

My resolutions were simple. 30lbs by May.

Today I kept with my plan of under 900 cals

881 actually.

I did my Yourself!Fitness game on Cardio setting for 56 minutes.

Burned 591 cals.

Soon I hope to be asleep.

I'm really optimistic about 2007. If I do the 30 pounds by May, wait, WHEN I do the 30lbs by May, I'll be 2lbs above my low-weight. This time, however, I won't have to stop. You see, I had to stop then. I became pregnant. Now, though, my tubes are tied. I only have one fear of having to stop, and that's because I'm married now. I believe he can force me into recovery. Well, treatment.

A little note, if you're not on YouTube looking up pro-ana, you're missing out!

I got Sims 2 today. Killed 3 hours on it. I recommend it if you have serious OCD like I do!

Anyway, how did you all do this first day of the week/month/and year? It's a new beginning :)


It is a new beginning...

I did worse over the holidays than I thought...so I've started off the new year with a cleansing fast. I started it today, and so far, so good.

Thanks for the YouTube tip, I'll have to check it out. Good luck to you on the 30 lbs., I'm right behind you.